RN Mark E1-18
Chill & Print E1 Proton Stand-Alone / IP Based Controller Driven Print System With our smartest and fastest inkjet printer yet, you have peace of mind in your office by remotely having control over your product- line´s marking systems.
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With the new E1 Proton Print System, it’s easy to have a versatile device which works both ways… With complex functions, E1 is an advanced IP printer through network, as well as being a high-performance stand-alone ink-jet printer. Anti-counterfeit & Dynamics: The E1 is capable of processing dynamic data generation through Controllers (PLC, PC, etc.) which gives power to our customers to print dynamic barcodes on products. This method also provides the advantage to protect the products by marking anti-counterfeit data on them. Low Maintenance: Spend less on maintenance, more on development. With a rigid mechanical base and a smart powerful software, you save money and time. Label-design Software Included! RN Soft gives you professional label and barcode design features. It’s 100% compatible and offers enhanced, remote printer controls and commands. On top of all that, it’s bundled with our device so you won’t have to pay for a 3rd-party software anymore! Features and Benefits r High resolution print r 18 mm printing height r Ready to use out of the box r Prints up to 60 m/min r Stand alone printing r Printing on porous surfaces (wood, cardboard, paper) r Print auto date & time, counter r All truetype fonts and symbols r Print at any angle r Print logos, graphics and barcodes r Windows based Software r Printing in non-porous surfaces (plastic, metals, glass) Overview r Stand-alone or IP-based network print system r Ethernet connectivity r Adjustable print head r 2- line LCD with functional keypad r Stores up to 50 messages r Up to 18 mm (0.7″) print height r Print up to 60 m/min (3ft/sec) r Print all True Type fonts r Print any barcode or symbol r Automatic numbering r Lead-free and RoHS compliant r RN Soft Windows-based software r FCC/CE/ICES approvals r 0-45°C operating temperature range r 2 kg shipping weight Controller: r Windows based operating system r Lead Free and RoHS Compliance electronic board r FCC Approved r CE Approved r Lead Free and RoHS Compliant electronic board Connectivity: r Ethernet port r NPN Sensor input r Speed encoder control  (shaft encoder) Inks: r Sealed ink cartridge r Up to 15 million characters per cartridge r Wide variety of colours and ink types r Oil based for porous printing r Solvent based for non-porous printing  (CFIA approved) r CFIA approved for fast-dry inks Electrical power supply: r 100-240V 50/60Hz 3.3A input voltage r 12V 40W maximum output voltage r Short circuit protection r CE/GS/US UL/CA UL certified Dimensions r Base Dimension: 176 x 223 x 100 mm (6.9 x 8.8 x 3.9 inch)
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