RNJet OrdioX Eco
18mm Print Height The OrdioX eco is small character print system that is economical, compact and optimized. With no set-up required, it can be used right away out of the box. It is a perfect alternative to traditional CIJ or valve-jet printers. Powered by our Piezo high resolution technology, this printer is reliable, clean, user- friendly and inexpensive to operate and maintain. The OrdioX eco is the ideal solution for your Secondary packaging, coding and marking requirements whether it is automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial, or food & beverage
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Features and Benefits r High resolution print r 18 mm printing height r Ready to use out of the box r Prints up to 60 m/min r Stand alone printing r Printing on porous surfaces (wood, cardboard, paper) r Print auto date & time, counter r All truetype fonts and symbols r Low mantenance r Print logos, graphics and barcodes r Windows based Software r Printing in non-porous surfaces (plastic, metals, glass) Overview r Stand-alone print system r 2 line LCD with functional keypad r 100 message input r Encoder switch for speed control r Encoder switch for delay control r 2 to 18 mm (3/4″) print height r Print up to 60 m/min (3ft/sec) r 8 to 128 pixels font size r Print all TrueType fonts r Print any barcode or symbol r Battery backup for time and date r Incremental/decrimental numbering r Lead-free and RoHS compliant r RN Soft Windows-based OS r FCC/CE/ICES approvals r 0-45°C operating temperature range r 2.5 kg shipping weight Controller: r Windows-based operating system r Lead Free and RoHS Compliance electronic board r FCC Approved r CE Approved r Lead Free and RoHS Compliant electronic board Connectivity: r USB r External Device Input (shaft encoder, barcode scanner, weight, sensor, PLC) Inks: r 110 ml sealed ink cartridge r Up to 15 million characters per cartridge r Wide variety of colours and ink types r Oil based for porous printing r Solvent based for non-porous printing  (CFIA approved) r CFIA approved for fast-dry inks Electrical power supply: r 100-240V 50/60Hz 3.3A input voltage r 12V 40W maximum output voltage r Short circuit protection r CE/GS/US UL/CA UL certified
Small Character Print System